Imagine this: You’re a scientist, you discover a comet that will hit and destroy Earth in 6 months, and you must go through all of society’s sociopolitical gymnastics to convince people how grave the situation is. But remember: This is an era when Donald Trump was somehow president of the United States, when any random moron online has just as much of a platform and voice as the world’s premier intellectuals, and when the concept of an idiocracy is eerily close to reality. This is Don’t Look Up in a nutshell. Directed by Adam McKay (The Big Short, Vice, The Other Guys), the Netflix comedy is a politically divisive film with comedic aspects that anyone, regardless of political affiliation, can laugh at. Yet the film has a very weak start. I’d say that roughly the first half was too slow, perhaps even lukewarm; regardless, the latter half of the screenplay—which is loaded with dark humor, cultural nuances, and a frighteningly semi-realistic of what might happen if the underlining scenario happened in real life—vindicates McKay’s latest work. Well, not that realistic, but it gets the job done. And who wouldn’t want to utilize their Netflix subscription to see Leo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, Meryl Streep, Cate Blanchett, Timotheé Chalamet, Mark Rylance, and Jonah Hill on screen together?

Rating: 6/10