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Hi! My name is Luke Atkins, and I am a film, music, & television critic. You may recognize me from my main website——which currently has about 2 million views and 10,000 followers. But this blog is a side project where I’m focusing strictly on films. Moreover, I am limiting each review to one paragraph so that I can consistently write and post more content for each of you readers (whereas my main blog contains elaborate & long reviews). Hope you guys enjoy.

A few fun facts about me: I am a super-senior at Harvard University, where I am studying government & history with a minor in English; I have a particular affinity for theoretical astrophysics, as learning about the universe and the unknown fascinates me; and I have a (perhaps ludicrous) range of additional interests, passions, and pursuits. Pretty much anything you can think of except organic chemistry, rocket science, popular ’70s & ’80s TV shows, religion, and fine cuisine! Anyway, not saying this to paint an idealistic picture of myself as this dynamic genius—but just that my mind is exceptionally scattered. I’m just all over the place!

As for my reviews themselves, I cannot promise to abide by the hyper-formal and professional format of my main blog; this blog will be marked by more creative risks and artistic dares. But I can promise the same degree of care and rigor with which I treat experiencing and reviewing any content. Also, the score I assign to each film is based on both my subjective experience and that which I consider to be relatively objective, but my views will always be arbitrary. Then again, that’s art in a nutshell.

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